Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Received at the library

The cover of the May/June 2018 issue of Your genealogy today portrays a young woman with shocked expression reading a newspaper over the caption "Family SCANDAL in the headlines." Has this happened to you??  The author of the article ironically discovered a tale of murder, adultery and military desertion after he published a family history and had heard nary a hint of the incident from the many relatives interviewed, including the perpetrator.  "The house that once was" tells a tale of researching a stately family home in Toronto and thereby shedding light on the author's great-grandfather's life.  "Follow the money" has interesting tips for research in lesser-utilized records such as work applications, patent applications, and social worker reports, and "Bank checks and genealogy" continues the money theme.  Other articles cover North Carolina records, the Irish in Victorian England, and how you might determine the religion of your forebears.

The Essex Genealogist for May 2018 carries the transcript of an extensive presentation by Mary Ellen Grogan on "Online resources for Irish Genealogy."  Although now two years old, the information looks useful and details how many more Irish records are available than in the past.

The history of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Boston is reviewed in the April 2018 issue of Mass-Pocha.  Evolving from a small study group formed in 1982, the Society now boasts over 600 members, publishes a lively journal, utilizes social media, and hosts frequent programs.

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