Saturday, March 31, 2018

Received at the library

Family tree magazine always has interesting articles.  The Dec. 2017 issue treats DNA and adoption, the subject of our January meeting.  The featured article is the 75 best "state champions," the best state sites for genealogy (ours is, well worth a look).  A collection of Sanborn fire insurance maps that will eventually reach half a million maps from all 50 states is being digitized by the Library of Congress and is available free on their website  A fascinating article on the history of mirrors reveals that King Henry VIII was an avid collector at a time when a small mirror was worth as much as an entire country estate!

The cover story for Your Genealogy Today (Jan./Feb. 2018) is about making sense -- or not -- of family stories.  "Small town genealogy" looks at how towns are preserving their history, an effort that probably many of our members are engaged in, whether here on the Cape or elsewhere.  "Constables and town watchmen" explains the history of these positions perhaps filled by our 17th-19th century relatives before the establishment of professional police forces.  A useful tool for organizing your research is timelines, or chronological spreadsheets, which can help you identify puzzles and gaps for further research as well as keep track of your research.  Another useful tool is the Genealogical Proof Standard, which can help you "Avoid common mistakes."  Diane Southard, somewhat tongue in cheek, compares contacting your DNA matches to a first date situation.

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